One Team


“One-Team” Culture

“Organizational change combines inner shifts in people’s values, aspirations and behaviours with “outer” shifts in processes, strategies, practices, and systems.” – Peter Senge

Implement Agile portfolio management and budgeting

Establish Value Streams and Feature Teams driven by ARTs and One-Team Approach

Redefine the location strategy with optimal size, skills, and new required roles

Enhance required Agile, DevOps capabilities and Competencies

Enable end-to-end Automation and AI Capabilities

Focus on legacy technology modernization and rationalization

Establish and maintain “Hi-touch” partnerships

Introduce new Agile pricing and contractual agreements

Measure and report business value metrics in real time

Implement practical org change management initiatives

Implement relevant and sanctioned innovation programs

Drive Transformations in support of client aligned business goals and targets

Focus Areas in AAPT Engagement Model

AAPT Principles

Business Value Realization

Adopt AAPT Business Value Framework to maximize the business value through Business and IT Service Integration

Technology Transformation

Transform clients legacy landscape to latest digital technology trends with the right strategy (Big Data, Cloudification, Digital Imagination) to modernize applications

Process Transformation

Achieve best in class agile delivery model by applying BizDevOps methodology – cultivate “One Team” culture and improve collaboration and efficiency


Accelerate innovations aligned to business goals – focus on Digital Transformation, Simplification and Governance with prototype definition from Research Unit

Cultivate Minds

Establish structured Competency Development framework to enable continuous knowledge enrichment in technology, domain and process areas. AAPT LAB provides an environment and freedom to implement AAPTians thoughts and fulfill their ambitions

Automation First

Achieve significant improvement in productivity, quality, and cost savings by unified automation strategy spanning across Biz, Dev, QA, Infra and Service Operations